Key product groups

For export to countries in Africa LINECO has selected products of renowned Dutch and international manufacturers and suppliers with whom we co-operate as long-term partners.

Our key product groups are:

  • Slaughtering and meat technology > Read more
  • Food processing and packaging systems > Read more
  • Waste treatment solutions (waste water treatment plants, process systems for slaughter by-products, waste recycling systems, waste to energy technology) > Read more
  • Plants for production of panel board from agricultural crop waste and wood waste > Read more

Total solutions for up to date and hygienic
abattoir projects


Meat processing equipment

Food processing systems

Waste water treatment plants

Rendering plants for processing of slaughter

Agri-fibre panel board plants

The characteristics of all our solutions are: proven technology, high quality, reliable, innovative and competitive. For meat and food processing equipment we meet the highest hygienic and food safety requirements.

All manufacturers are carefully chosen by us on basis of their experience, product expertise, (delivery) reliability and leading market position. Taking the remoteness of certain projects in Africa into consideration LINECO only works with manufacturers who can meet our requirements for on-site (supervision of) installation, commissioning, training and maintenance.

The strength of our market expertise combined with the product expertise of our manufacturers and partners ensures that we can provide our customers with optimal solutions for successful and sustainable projects.

Other product groups > Read more

Focus on innovative and sustainable meat and food technology, incl. waste to value solutions























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