Food processing and packaging systems

Experience with industrial projects in Africa

Since our establishment we have supplied process plant and equipment for flour mills, dairy, food and sugar factories to public corporations and private companies in several countries in Africa. We have staff with more than 30 years of relevant experience in this field. In addition to slaughtering and meat processing equipment LINECO provides food processing and packaging systems.

Products and solutions

  • Food processing systems:
    • Processing lines for tomato ketchup and mayonnaise
    • Processing lines for soup, baby food, cook-in sauces, aseptic fruit.

Processing lines                                                          Flow wrapping machines
  • Packaging systems:
    • Horizontal and vertical flow wrapping equipment
    • Multi head weighing machines
    • Pouch filling and sealing equipment
    • Stretch wrapping equipment
    • Filling and sealing systems for cans and glass bottles/jars.

Jar and can filling lines for sausages and any other
meat and food products

In addition we can provide:

  • Fish processing equipment
  • Poultry slaughtering and processing equipment
  • Dairy processing and packaging equipment (for cheese, butter, pasteurized and UHT milk, yoghurt, ice cream)
  • Machines and production lines for the bakery industry
  • Plant and equipment for the vegetable and fruit processing industry
  • Logistic and warehousing solutions for the food industry
  • Sugar processing equipment.
  • Design, engineering and supply of complete food processing projects, incl. building, mechanical, electrical and refrigeration installations.
  • Technical services: Installation and commissioning, site supervision and project management, maintenance, training.
  • Consultancy: From feasibility studies and business plans to site inspection of existing food processing plants. Advice for rehabilitation or upgrading. Support with project financing (acquisition of grants, loans, subsidies, venture capital).
  • Partner search for joint venture and/or trading partners.

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