Other product groups

We are customer-oriented and are not restricted to our key products. Some of our customers have changing needs and buy a wide variety of products. From time to time they request our support for the supply of other high quality products and solutions.

Based on our long-time international trading experience and important network of the best manufacturers and suppliers in many sectors of industry and trade LINECO can offer and supply many other products on request, such as:

  • (Drinking) water supply plant and equipment > Read more
  • (Renewable) energy plant and equipment
  • Logistic and warehousing solutions
  • Refrigerated trucks
  • Technical equipment (industrial refrigeration equipment, oxygen plants, steam boilers, standby generators, electric motors)
  • Poultry slaughtering and processing equipment
  • Dairy processing equipment
  • Machines and production lines for the bakery industry
  • Sugar processing equipment
  • Plant and equipment for the vegetable and fruit processing industry
  • Farm machinery
  • Livestock management automation (based on Electronic Animal Identification).

Refrigerated trucks

Crate logistic systems

Warehousing systems for the meat and food


Small scale dairy processing equipment

Solar powered solutions for rural areas

General technical equipment and project materials

Global sourcing of the right products and suppliers is one of our strengths. Our knowledge of the African markets enables us to make the right product/market combinations.

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